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# # All E-M5 samples beta body (not the final test version) is taken as.
# # The actual volume of product quality may be improved more.

Luckily body somehow a beta version in South Korea has been a regular user first test so go ahead.
I even like the Olympus and Panasonic to sayonggi but that is not written by exaggerating its performance.The full version still in beta, but is not officially released the final flaws Considering that the right way to write a review, I would like to present at.
Poor circumstances who are willing to lend a beta body officials want to thank Olympus Korea.

# # Translation has been made through the Google translator. Please note that jagged points.

  This is the flagship camera to mirrorless!

 Olympus in early 2012 to announce a new mirrorless series. By the name of OM-D! OM was an old SLR camera is a digital version of the series. In fact, even before high-end Olympus cameras for mirrorless rumors have been rife. Weather-sealed-in particular, comes before the camera of the most outstanding performance of the brand with renjeugyohwansik camera holds because E-series users supported the Weather-sealed mirrorless cameras were waiting. Meanwhile, the expectations of the user to be worthy of Olympus mirrorless cameras Weather-sealed for the first time featured flagship mirrorless E-M5 announced.

Some important seupekman lists possible. The number of pixels compared to the existing 16.1mp further improved. 1.44million EVF viewfinder with built-in optical lens byupaindeobue performance was increased by adding more visibility. When you look into the viewfinder, although the actual S's latest product of the number of pixels compared to the lack of a poet in the castle while wearing glasses, but much is excellent. Eogeutna a little too well by the screen invisible bungee badly compared to S and E-M5 cases, even if you hide some of the blurring effect is clearly visible without. In addition, children with the sensor mounted screen can be switched faster.

Also supports high sensitivity up to ISO 25600 as well as mirror noise processing has been improved considerably lease the camera shows one of the most outstanding performance. It'll talk again with the sample. Shutter speed 1/4000 sec. Ahswiun part in it is a little. Rather, as the flagship of a faster shutter speed, how did it go if I want to apply. In fact, you have not nunyeogyeo part, but the flash sync speed of 1/250 sec is very ppareunpyeon. (Typically 1/160 seconds, usually) body embedded image stabilization feature enhanced and about 5 stops extent compensates, as well as the world's first 5-axis calibration is to allow the general image stabilization, as well as macro shooting, including before and after slightly shaking If you upgrade right away to hold a breakthrough has been made.


In addition, the AF lock 9fps shooting per second highest of the Micro Four Thirds camera, showing power and speaker (does not reduce the number of pixels within the range) 4.2fps continuous shooting with AF support truly mirror the lease that you have the ultimate view of fire. (AF fixed-In Speakers Sony 10 AF operates under a little faster, but considering that the story falls significantly beyond.)

E-M5 also one of the most important feature of the industry's highest level is a function of the Weather-sealed. Magnesium body and sealing treatment applied to almost every corner of direct water meticulously to put the toughness that withstands heavy rain, except two advantages. Released as yet only support 12-50mm lens is a lens that is treated, but also come out sealing using MMF-3 Four Thirds adapter, excellent image quality and reliability of the existing high-Weather-sealed processed on behalf of Four Thirds lenses can also use a variety of . Weather-sealed magnesium body simply the robustness of other products are a pretty tight for examination. Olympus released directly from the pictures I see the internal structure that is expected to be reliable.

The lease provides a mirror for the first time (officially made ​​by the manufacturer) Additional hand grip and vertical grip (battery grip) also shows a variety of scalability. Demonstrate basic body pretty decent grip, but with added grip to that of a DSLR can achieve the same level of grip. Additional grip also Weather-sealed with clear sealing treatment are supported.

Additional hand grip vertical grip and shutter release and dial all got stuck in the operation does not hurt at all the saints. Even the actual protruding hand grip fitted with a decent degree of thickness similar to pancake lens mounted on a mobile does not hurt the Saints greatly.

OLED LCD rear of the low-angle or high tilt-angle shots in a manner very advantageous. Sony a77 peulraegeuswipin in the same way as tilt and swivel system and E-5 as a swivel ahningeon is unfortunate. Instead of a vertical high-and low-angle to improve ease of taking pictures than 4:3 ratio of 3:04 Let it go (PL3 first applied) in a vertical picture can be used as an active liquid crystal tilt. (This feature has been applied only to Fujifilm and Olympus)

At the bottom of the hot shoe terminal cover sealing the processed terminal AP2 hidden inside the pen that was used in the existing AP danjayong all accessories are available. Of course, VF2, 3 is also available, but usually a lot of Bluetooth communication PENPAL PP-1 seems to be.

Advanced models expect the mode dial and two more intuitive operation of the control dial is available. Of course, P-Series also stars two of the dial up a lot in terms of operations but can be upgraded.

In fact, the plowed portion of likes and dislikes, but with the thumb and index finger while watching the LCD or viewfinder can be operated right away points clearly feeling of disconnection will be more accurate operation. In particular, the existing dial hwildayieolcheoreom geuripjung unintended operation will not occur and so the viscosity is the part I like.

Control dial to the top of the rudder and was increasing, remains banghyangkiman hwildayieoleun gone. Each switch has a sealing treatment is quite different from feeling a little bit at the push of a button. There is a memory slot on the right side. Memory slot is also a definite shape sealing treatment is visible.


Battery slot lets you lock the switch in a manner clearly. Of course, there certainly are sealing treatment. Battery BLN-1 is very different from the existing battery has adopted the new. Ahswiun is one area where a little. In conjunction with the opening next to the battery terminals for extra grip added is covered with a rubber stopper.

  Where are all the noise? Where are you?

E-M5 mirrorless camera, the highest level of the low-noise performance shows a high sensitivity. Existing 'E-P3' and 'Panasonic GX1' new camera comes out, such as micro-poseojeuui every noise performance has evolved slowly, but this E-M5 spiked so much abandoned to the performance is rather bewildering.

To verify the performance of high-sensitivity shooting a 100% crop by the major ISO and tried to compare.

The test results are showing very satisfactory results. In particular, sensitivity is almost no variation of color saturation is amazing. Usually the degree of existing products from ISO 3200 color is a surprising result considering that Make teuleojineun. Handling noise but still a little crush diet are Raise overall good detail. ISO 6400 registration on the website also shows very clear results.

  Excellent DR (dynamic range)

 Existing 'Micro Four Thirds' users' desire spacious DR (dynamic range) was In fact, 'Micro Four Thirds' side of the DR is not so narrow. However, compared to the shadow highlights just that vulnerable. So some people that tried to take a slightly darker've used a lot of ways to compensate. E-M5 DR significantly improved from the time of the announcement has the story because I'll check the viscosity.

 The actual results are very satisfactory feeling. Pen series compared to the existing enhanced by approximately 2 stops feeling. DR also entered a new correction function compensates for highlights, you will have the effect even more powerful.

The newly added 'gradation extension' gradation and DR of the camera calibration curve to determine the scope of the screen and dial directly into the two is the ability to adjust. Across all brands, especially in such a way that the first attempt in real time because it is very intuitive and easy to change pyosihaeju can be adjusted.

Pen picture below is a third-generation E-PL3 and I tried to do a direct comparison is the result. From +2 ev actually is making a lot of difference. Now, the DR is narrow in one which seems be teased.

In addition, the photos take a closer look is also very improved auto white balance performance feel. Even the same set shows a more accurate colors.

  More evolved 'Art Filters'

 Olympus camera's 'Art Filters' for a new camera comes out is the feeling that further upgrades. Again, more detailed manipulation of art and new art filters filters has also been added. 'Art Filters' in the normal PASM mode, color mode can be used as processing speed, and also much faster than that of the existing feeling.

  Just waiting for the camera!

 Olympus E-M5 really an 'MUST HAVE!' Feel like shouting favorite section is the camera. Although the beta version, but too many ways to experience the power do not seem to be lacking. The actual release date that is less than a month old now sleeps with abrasion, who've been using another mirror, which was a lease, lease a new career in the mirror all the people you wish to wait desperately to seem to be such a cool camera.

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